Consultancy - Danışmanlık :

  • Investigation, identification and transfer of the requested product and giving the necessary information to the person concerned
  • Market research of the requested product
  • Providing information on Customs Legislation
  • International financial consulting

Sourcing – Ürün Bulma :

  • Contacting reliable suppliers
  • Determination of the optimum quality and best prices
  • Establishing a mutual control system with a contract

Üretim – Manufacturing :

  • Confirming manufacturer reliability
  • Establishing the connection between the right price and the right manufacturer
  • Monitoring everything from the first designs to product delivery

Quality Control – Kalite Kontrol :

  • Conformity with the product specifications requested or finalized
  • One-to-one compatibility check with sample
  • Performance tests

Order Management – Sipariş Yönetimi :

  • Product selection, approval of product samples, determining the order quantity of the product after quality control procedures
  • Preparation of order form
  • Obtaining wet signature approvals
  • Mutual assurance by preparing and making a contract

Packing – Paketleme :

  • Identifying the packaging type that will ensure product safety according to the information given to the customer about the best packaging methods.
  • Determination of packaging forms according to technical specifications.
  • Providing the safest packaging options based on our experience.

Shipping– Nakliye :

  • Maritime shipping
  • Freight shipping
  • Organizing customs documents for exiting the importing country with the products
  • Shipping insurance
  • Monitoring the shipping process until delivery

CustomsClearance–Gümrükleme :

  • Customs consultancy in Turkey before and after the order
  • Handling the customs clearance
  • Providing the necessary guidance for the lowest costs to customs procedures