Application development

Almost each technology solution has data or software components. This software can create complemental applications with a technology/system solution, for all kinds of industries and departments. To enable you to make more use of your tech investments we will not only create and design the applications, build and manage the new systems, but we can also integrate with your already existing systems.

Increase your productivity with software solutions for process improvement. Use your limited resources better with workflow automation softwares and help your teammate reducing the faulty processes that they could experience. If you can’t find a solution that suits your specific needs, our development team will be waiting for your solution requests.

LITERULA offers a solid, economical and easily manageable information security options with continuous protection and instant recovery. It offers data communication and online protection for your company’s specific needs.

LITERULA protects your data with unified threat management and VPN/remote access, email encryption and server room access, prevents data loss so you can focus on your work without worrying, hence advance your goals faster. Improving network efficiency is one of our strong qualities. To help you take advantage of the new technologies in a safe, protected environment, we closely follow the newest developments.

Information security


Your network consists of hundreds of components that link everyone in your operation. It is important to ensure that these components (switches, servers, routers and other critical devices) work correctly, without any interruptions.

LITERULA designs, builds, installs a secure network for your organization and ensures their proper protection and management. It takes bandwidth and future scalability into account, and allows neither more nor less of these components to be designed. Considering how businesses evolve and change, and the possibility of the services deemed unnecessary at first to turn into needs, we offer our every service as flexible as possible.

Kuruluşunuzun ne kadar kesinti süresi olabilir? LİTERULA, veri korumasını güçlendirerek , yedekleme ve veri kurtarma işlemlerini basitleştirerek, işiniz için en iyi, en uygun maliyetli çözümleri bulmanıza yardımcı olur .iş devamlılığını korumanıza ve ne olursa olsun verilerinize erişmenize olanak tanıyan çözümler için aralıksız çalışıyoruz. Gelecekteki büyümeniz için planlamalar yapmanıza ve yükseltmeleri gerçekleştirmenize yardımcı olurken; yatırım maliyetlerinizi de minimum seviyede tutmak için .tüm bilgimiz ortaya koyuyoruz

How much downtime could your organization have? LITERULA helps you find the best, most cost-effective solutions for your business by enhancing data protection and simplifying data recovery. We work continuously for solutions that helps you maintain business continuity and access your data no matter what happens. We use all our knowledge, helping you making plans on your future growth and keeping your investment costs at minimum.

Storage and Backup

Audio / Data Cabling

Your business has power, data/communications, and ever-changing security demands and the spine of these systems are wires. Choosing the right type of wiring, setting it up correctly, and ensuring that it complies with the required standards is the key to building a reliable network.

It doesn’tmatter if you have LAN, SAN, or data center, distributed or centralized structures, LITERULA builds and implements copper or fiber systems that provide the best connection for these entities.

The adaptive and flexible technical infrastructure allows you to integrate electrical equipment and communication networks wherever you want.

Every organization is looking for ways to be more productive – LITERULA can help you reach your full potential with virtualization services. We will help you utilize unused resources that are currently implemented in your infrastructure. Virtualization can optimize your financial IT resources and automate routine maintenance.

Virtualization also allows hardware independence and reduced recovery time; this allows you to take a step closer to a reliable disaster recovery scenario.

Literula virtualization solutions can and will help you lower your costs by taking care of your power and cooling costs. No matter how big or small your business is, we will help you take advantage of the perks of virtualization.



Literula’s skill on wireless networks go far beyond installation. LITERULA creates wireless network coverage areas that are extremely safe, also more than enough to meet your organization’s needs both at the given moment and in the future.

With our IT support services experienced in outsourcing, this is a way to reduce your costs as well as meet all your IT needs. Collaborating with a provider outside of your organization can bring new skill sets to your internal workforce. Working with IT professionals with a broader base knowledge, your employees can gain new competencies and skills.

With our IT support services experienced in outsourcing, it is a way to save your costs as well as meet your IT needs.
Collaborating with an outside provider can bring new skill sets to your internal workforce. By working with IT professionals with a broader knowledge base, your employees can collect new competencies.

Expert Team services