For a traditional PBX system, separate networks are required for voice and data communication. One of the most important advantages of an IP PBX is that it uses unified data and audio networks. This means that each user, such as VoIP communication and traditional telephone communication, is able to use a single line as well as Internet access. This allows flexibility as the business grows and can also reduce long-term operation and maintenance costs

All details report (CDR) Search plan Extensions (local users) External lines including FXO gateways Long-term control One number, multiple devices Routing group SIP trunking Web management CRM integration Black-White listes Busy lamp area (BLF) Call restriction Busy / missed / unreachable / unconditionally call forwarding Call park Call collection and group call Call back Call transfer DISA Find me / follow me Hunt group and call sequence IVR-XML Music in hold Operator break and override Ring group DISA Speed ​​dial (shortened search) Voicemail


You’re looking for a CRM, but you want to make sure your team will use CRM. MULTI-CHANNEL Meet your customers no matter what the media is. multi-channel support, live chat, e-mail, social media, and even through the person through the phone allows you to reach people. Use visitor tracking and email analysis to find out what your customers are seeing and to find opportunities for interaction. Contact, contact, and close CRM. SET UP FROM MANUAL DATA INTRODUCTION Manually entering and updating contact information is the most frustrating thing for most CRMs. To remove data entry by scraping and pre-filling contact information, all you have to do is press enter. TIMES AREOMOMATICIZE AREA. Whether you are sending calendar invitations, set follow-up tasks, update statuses or send an offer; Automate tedious tasks; So, focus on what you do, in short, sales and services. TAKE SOMUT DATA ON TOOL PRODUCTIVITY. Get a real-time activity feed of everything your team is working on. Whether it’s a daily phone call, a new opportunity, a completed task or a leader status change, see all the work your team does.


ManageEngine aims to offer large and medium-sized businesses the common needs of ITSM products such as ayı Ease of Use ğu, ardından Economic Total Cost of Acquisition ı on the day they are established after a 1-2 day Demo or Installation. it can be fully tested before being bought or rented, the advantage of which is that a customer does not buy a script or a fiction, but will have the opportunity to test the product to buy one by one. In addition, pricing of all ManageEngine products is carried out in a transparent way, all prices can be viewed via the ManageEngine Official Web Site, as ManageEngine products are Lego parts; It consists of packages that can be intertwined with each other, the advantage of this is to choose according to your needs and the future needs of the “Out-Of-Box Integrated” ManageEngine ready solutions can be used.